Privacy Policy

Use of MyTicketing.Pro services constitutes acceptance of this agreement.

  1. MyTicketing.Pro will NEVER sell or make available email addresses or any other personal information of its members to any advertiser, sponsor, affiliate, etc.
  2. MyTicketing.Pro uses cookies to track session data while you are navigating our platform.
  3. MyTicketing.Pro does NOT utilize plugins or API's that allow third-parties to track our members.
  4. Be aware that any information voluntarily given by members through event applications, surveys, testimonials, etc. becomes the property of the event and cannot be protected by MyTicketing.Pro's privacy policy.
  5. For member protection, please use a different username and/or password than used for other critical and private systems such as financial accounts, email accounts, social media accounts, etc.
  6. Should you make a purchase through MyTicketing.Pro, your address and telephone number is stored for future use and can be removed at any time through your dashboard.
  7. By purchasing tickets for an event, you agree to make your name, email address, and zip code visible to that event for the purposes of contacting you regarding event updates and demographic data.
  8. Ordering a product for delivery by an event will provide that event with your name, address, telephone number, and email address.
  9. Purchases are facilitated through Stripe and are therefore subject to Stripe's policies as well.
  10. When creating an Event Owner account, you will be asked to create an account with MyTicketing.Pro has no visibility of or access to the information you enter through Stripe's platform.
  11. MyTicketing.Pro reserves the right to change/update these terms at any time.