What do I need to know about your Event Ticketing?
1. Easy-to-use Dashboard for customizable website, ticket creation, and user assignment
2. Unique QR Code tickets with categories for easy lookup and verification
3. App-free ticket checking from any device with a supported OS, modern web browser, Internet access, and camera
4. Funds are paid to you instantly when a purchase is made

nr = these fees are non-refundable
Is there a full list of ticketing features I can see?
Feature Guide is coming soon!
How do I get started?
1. Go to https://www.stripe.com to create your Stripe account
2. Go to https://www.myticketing.pro/login.php to create your MyTicketing.Pro account
3. From your Admin Dashboard, click “Connect Stripe Account” and follow Stripe’s prompts to login
4. Click “+ New Event” at the top of the page
5. Fill in your event’s name and URL
6. Start at the top of the "Event-Specific" dashboard menu to begin customizing your event
What kind of contract do I have to sign?
Your business and loyalty will be constantly earned through MyTicketing.Pro. We never want to lock you into a contract because we feel it’s wrong to hold your company hostage if you can find something better. Try us for one event. We’re sure you’ll want to stay.
What size event do I need to be able to use MyTicketing.Pro?
MyTicketing.Pro is designed for any size event. It doesn’t matter if you are planning a large convention / trade show or a small Meetup group, we’ve got you covered. You can sign up now, create your event, and start selling tickets without having to talk to pushy salespeople and justify why your event should be on their system.
What is MyTicketing.Pro’s service fee?
MyTicketing.Pro charges the attendee $1 + 2.5% for each admission-type ticket but only $0.25 + 1% for add-on purchases. The cost to promoters to use our feature-rich system is always $0.
Can I use my PayPal account for payments?
MyTicketing.Pro exclusively uses Stripe to process payments because Stripe offers features vital to our operations that PayPal has taken away over the years. Stripe also saves you money by only charging 2.9% + $0.30 for each transaction.
Who pays the payment processing fees?
MyTicketing.Pro is versatile so you can decide whether you or the attendee pays the payment processing fee per event.
Do I need my own website or techs to have an event?
MyTicketing.Pro gives you a full feature website with everything you need to run a successful event. All you do is fill in the blanks and upload images.
What if I need technical support?
MyTicketing.Pro offers free premium support to all clients regardless of event size. Feel free to e-mail us through the Contact Us button, call us at 713-396-3136, or find us at our Discord channel.
Do you offer live support at my event?
MyTicketing.Pro will come to your event and take charge of your registration team, so you can focus on other, more fun departments. All we ask is travel and lodging for two.
Do you have an app?
With modern updates to web development abilities, business service apps are a thing of the past. They require specific equipment, specialized development, and disconnected experiences from one user device to the next. App-less means that our entire system will work the same on any device with Internet access, up-to-date web browser, and camera. There is no specific expensive equipment needed to buy or lease. Use the devices you want to use.
What do I get if I refer someone to MyTicketing.Pro?
MyTicketing.Pro likes to take care of people. We offer a competitive affiliate program that pays you a percentage based on the ticket sales of the event you refer. Please contact us for more details.

More info coming soon!